Annual reports

Bulgarian Modernist Architecture Foundation, which started as an informal group in 2014, issues annual reports since 2017. You can view them via the link below.

For the time being we have created 3 big exhibitions::
- "Bulgarian Modernist Architecture. Examples from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s", which visited more than 10 cities in the period 2017-2018
- "Gospozho Architect," - exhibited in Sofia in July 2022, and on a tour in 2023 in Burgas, Kazanlak and Plovdiv
- "Hristo Peev. The architect, the researcher, the person" - exhibited in Plovdiv in April 2023
and also participated in a number of other exhibitions, like "100 years of BIAD - Plovdiv", among others.

The foundation has held dozens of architectural tours and a number of lectures around the country, which were visited by thousands of people in total. All the events of Bulgarian Modernist Architecture Foundation are always free to visit, but the visitors have the opportunity to leave donations. 

The foundation has issued a number of yearly calendars with educational information for the art of the period, as well as two books - "Examples from 1920s, 1930s and 1940s", as well as "Gospojo Architect,". During the years, the team has dedicated hundreds of days for research activities in Bulgaria, Germany, with heirs of architects or investors of buildings.
Annual reports
The foundation exists as such from 2019, but the team works together from 2013. Since 2017 we share annual work with our friends via annual bulletins. For the time existing we have made dosens of lections, and many more architectural tours, as well as other educational events. We have also organized or paticipated in a number of exhibitions. Our team has also done a number of research trips abroad as well as in Bulgaria.